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Carol Jay Stratoudakis, Ph.D., known as Dr. Jay, has developed a simple, patterned-based strategy that gives test-takers the ability to immediately eliminate answer choices and focus their thinking on the best answers to an SAT question. Her expertise in decoding answer patterns in the new SAT Exam draws upon four decades of experience in educational assessment at the national, state, post-secondary, and K-12 level in a wide range of settings, including: The Institute for Research on Teaching, The National Institute of Education, The National Education Goals Panel, State Departments of Education, The University of Delaware, George Washington University, The West Chester School District Central Office, and Fairfax County Public Schools.

Dr. Jay conducted her dissertation research through the Institute for Research on Teaching at Michigan State University where she was recognized as an expert reading clinician in detecting error patterns in student performance on diagnostic reading tests. Upon completion of her doctorate degree, Dr. Jay was appointed to a post-doctorate position at the National Institute of Education (NIE) in Washington, D.C. where she received a citation from the U.S. Secretary of Education for her leadership role on a national conference and authored a series of articles published by the National Staff Development Council.

Following her post-doctorate position, Dr. Jay served as a national policy analyst at NIE and later as a staff consultant to the National Education Goals Panel (NEGP), a joint taskforce between the White House and the National Governors’ Association which developed the first national standards in K-12 Education. The national standards Dr. Jay worked on provided a framework for the Common Core Standards adopted in K-12 Education. At NEGP, Dr. Jay contributed to the publication of several national reports on file at The Library of Congress.

At the state level, Dr. Jay applied her national experience to initiatives in educational assessment.
She worked as a consultant to the Connecticut Department of Education on reform in the standards and regulations governing the certification of beginning teachers and with The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Education on reform in the standards and regulations governing the certification of school principals. As the Director of Teacher Evaluation and Program Accreditation in Massachusetts, Dr. Jay was responsible for evaluating all the teacher preparation programs in colleges and universities throughout the state.

In other words, Dr. Jay is more than qualified to have created a one-of-a-kind strategy to help students succeed in taking the SAT. Her 2-Second Shortcuts level the playing field for students who can recognize patterns in the questions so they are essentially tested on what they know, not how well they take tests. She passionately believes this is a better way to determine ultimate success at the college level. Her book is groundbreaking and Dr. Jay is a welcome addition to the MPM publishing family.