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Bill Mumy

Bill Mumy is a multi-talented artist who entered the arena of professional entertainment at the age of five. He has worked in over four hundred television shows and is best known by fans around the world for the creation of his memorable roles as the heroic boy astronaut, Will Robinson on the classic series Lost in Space, Anthony Fremont in The Twilight Zone and Lennier from the popular science fiction series Babylon 5.

He’s appeared in over eighteen feature films, including Dear Brigitte, Rascal, Bless the Beasts and Children and Papillion. Currently, Bill is a consulting Producer on the long running hit television series, Ancient Aliens. In addition, Mumy has an abundant amount of credits he has lent his voice to as a voice-over artist. He has written scores of comic books which have been a passion of Bills since childhood.

Co-creater, producer and writer of Space Cases, a live action sci-fi comedy series on Nickelodeon.  Bill was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition for the live-action Disney series Adventures In Wonderland. Bill wrote and recorded one hundred and five songs for the one hundred episodes of that series.

Bill is a prolific songwriter and solo recording artist and has released over fifteen solo CD’s and solo music videos.  He has worked with the pop group America off and on for over thirty years, composing, producing and performing with the band. Half of the infamous novelty rock recording and short film making duo Barnes and Barnes. Best known for the classic demented song and film Fish Heads, Barnes and Barnes have released nine albums and a feature length video. His current musical project is the release of Angels Hear, the debut album of a new rock group, Action Skulls.

Bill has composed and scored a twenty-seven piece soundtrack to accompany the fantasy adventure novel On Purpose he co-authored with his co-star Angela Cartwright.

Bill lives with his wife Eileen and their many dogs in Laurel Canyon. Their two children, Seth and Liliana have also made their mark as actors.


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