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This is Deborah with only a fraction of paper submissions that would come into the literary agency before everything switched to email. The delivery systems have changed but the protocols have not.


We are always looking for good books. We want to like your work and help you fulfill your dreams. So before you submit make sure your presentation is as professional as possible. Take pride in your work and make sure you follow the protocols of the industry.

Take a look at our imprints for the types of books we publish. But if you do not see yourself there we may simply not have built the right home for your work yet. We are an agile growing company always open to new ideas. The most important thing to consider is if your book is ready to make it past the slush pile. In the old days this was really a pile.

You begin with a query letter. If your book fits nicely into one of our catalogs you can submit directly to that imprint. An imprint is simply a branded world that pulls together like titles. For example, spiritual books will be published under the imprint Soul Odyssey Books but this is still a division of Micro Publishing Media. Make sure to take a look at our Catalogs. 

If your project does not fit into one of our imprints don’t worry. We like both people and books that do not “fit in.” Submit your work in a general way and we will see if it fits into a category or if it should be part of our general list of MPM Books. There you will find some awesome psychological thrillers, novels, memoirs and unique test prep workbooks. So let us worry about finding a seat for you in the lunchroom. All are welcome. Keep in mind if your book needs work that we have an entire team who can work with you to bring your book into competitive quality. You would want the best for your child, your book is your child so why not give it the healthiest start in life. We know what makes a good book and our team can get you there.


A query letter is a letter of introduction. You will be writing it to us through one of our submissions gateways or simply by writing to

Electronic query letters should follow the formatting of any letter. Emails fool us into a sense of casual communication. Make sure you treat this as you would any cover letter.

Keep in mind that our time is limited. Avoid fluff and hype. There are different submission protocols for fiction and nonfiction. Make sure you know your genre for both. You can look at our navigation for some ideas of what genres are and how books are categorized. Our Bookstock Bookshop has books categorized by genre and subject to help readers find the books they want to read. This is the same process you will be using in your query letter. It is important that you know what kind of book you are writing with a concept of the profile of your end reader. This is your market. This is not the same as promotion. If you have unique access to your readership put that in the letter. This is information you bring to us. It helps us make an informed decision.

Here are some immediate questions we will be asking ourselves when we consider your query:

What is the book about?
Why are you the person to be writing this book?
What is in it for the reader?
This may seem simplistic but it isn’t. Deborah and some of our other acquisition editors have read so many queries over the years and many are unclear. Writers tend to overwrite to draw attention to themselves when clarity is the more important goal.

It is wonderful if you have a “platform.” If you don’t we can help you with that. What is more important is that you write with authority. This means you have a clear stylistic voice for fiction and with nonfiction that you have credibility.

Why should we care about you?
Why should we trust you? It is up to you to establish this in your query.
Lastly, writers often fall into the trap of self-absorption. We are not insulting you. Throughout any book it is imperative that the end reader is the focus of the experience. In fiction you are taking your reader on a journey. If your book is disorganized you will lose your reader in the weeds and he or she will not have a good experience. You want your book to spread to others through word of mouth. No amount of marketing can make up for a book that leaves people out in the cold because the writer has not taken charge of the narrative.

With nonfiction the author must avoid being preachy at the expense of establishing a rapport with the reader. Organization is key but focus on why someone will pick up the book in the first place. If you are writing for your own catharsis journals are a better outlet.

If after this information you are doubting whether you are ready for us don’t despair.

We have a team of expert editors who can take you from idea to sale.

Final thoughts:

In the query letter you should state if you have a completed manuscript and/or a book proposal.
Do not query us if you have neither. That is considered a fishing expedition and we do not forget.

That being said, we do have writing coaches available to help you with your book if you have a story but lack the experience or the skill to bring it to the page.

We prefer you send written queries after which we are happy to set up a phone conference to discuss your personal publishing goals.

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