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Our brand, Soul Odyssey Books, is dedicated to titles that enhance your spiritual journey. We take pride in helping people share messages that make a difference.  We look for inspirational titles, memoirs, and prescriptive how-tos. Please consult our submission guidelines. 


Our newest title is Spiritual Writing From Inspiration to Publication 2nd Edition


This is the long-awaited updated edition of the book that originally coined the phrase “spiritual writer.” The book, originally titled “God Told me to Write it,” filled a need in an industry that didn’t know what to do with the increasing volume of submissions that did not fit into the mainstream mold. Formerly dubbed “woo woo,” agents and publishers needed to acknowledge the growing interest in spirituality and the material being presented.

On the other hand, those who were “called” could not be published if they did not understand the protocols of the industry. This book changed that but it was written before the exciting advent of the internet. 


This new edition teaches this motivated and mission-driven population of writers how to utilize technology to build platforms and get noticed. By following the advice of Deborah Levine Herman, a 30-year publishing veteran, former literary agent,  bestselling author, and digital marketer, spiritual writers can compete with the best of them. 


Herman is also a well-respected and beloved spiritual teacher, intuitive and animal communicator. She has walked the path of those she inspires.

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Our Courses

Work with Publishing Professional and Spiritual Teacher Deborah Herman

Memoir as a Spiritual Journey

In this course the student will mine memories to see the common threads that can support a memoir that others will read.

Proposal Writing for Spiritual Authors

Deborah Herman co-authored this bible of the industry with her husband, Agent Jeff Herman. This course approaches this necessary tool in light of the challenges of writers in the spiritual genre.

Soul Odyssey and Spiritual Writing

This course begins with an exploration of the seven lessons and leads into the structure of a manuscript and the discovery of the authors mission and Divine Inner Voice.

Intro to Author Branding

This course offers the basics of digital marketing to level the playing field and build an online platform. It familiarizes the author with content strategy and with a customized workbook helps begin the process of branding and marketing.