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Micro Publishing Media was created as an alternative to the frustrations of self-publishing and the lack of access for many authors to agents and the large publishers.

Micro Publishing Media is the experienced team you need to succeed as a published author.

Our publishing consultation personalized to suit your goals and needs. If you are a new writer living out a lifelong dream or a experienced writer who needs that extra push in the right direction, we can help you.

  1. If you are seeking the traditional route of agent and conglomerate publisher we can help you build a winning submission package.
  2. If you are looking for a turn-key alternative to complete do- it- yourself you have come to the right place.
Traditional Publishing

We understand the allure of traditional publishing. This is where you seek an agent who then represents you to independent or conglomerate publishers in an effort to land a publishing contract.

In today’s changing climate of publishing there are still great benefits to this route. There are books that warrant this approach because they fulfill the needs and expectations of this business model.

  • There needs to be a clear market that is sizable enough to warrant the economic investment.
  • There must be access to this market provided by the author.
  • The content must be readable, actionable, and polished thus filling a need that has not yet been met.

Many books can meet these thresh holds with proper understanding of the protocols. MPM and our team are responsible for the top writer education books in the industry and we can bring your projects up to proper viability standards.

Our CEO, Deborah Herman,  is a former partner in the Jeff Herman Literary Agency and helped curate many of the 1,000 books sold.

Jeff and Deborah Herman are well-known as writer educators. Deborah Herman and her team of consultants will help you create an irresistible agent/publisher submission package.

MPM Publishing is a Revolutionary Alternative to Traditional and DIY Self-Publishing

Many worthy authors will simply not pass the thresh hold requirements for the world of “Traditional” publishing. This is most often a simple result of economics and an archaic industry that must answer to a very high bottom line.

During the 30 years we have been in the industry we have seen significant changes through consolidation, new technologies, ease of access to self-publishing platforms and new ways of reaching customers. In the traditional publishing arena the economics no longer work well for the types of books that would have been able to “break through” even without the certainty of their success. There was a thriving “mid-list when we entered publishing in the 1980s, which was a boon for new and non-fiction writers. These books were the bread and butter and even if they garnered smaller advances, they were still taken seriously and could form the basis of a writer’s burgeoning career.

There is no real mid-list today. Many good books are shut out of the traditional publishing avenues so authors choose alternatives that are costly and ineffective.

MPM Publishing offers a team approach to provide only what is needed to make a project successful.

We have no set packages or requirements but we highly suggest all potential clients sign up for an assessment. This is a thorough diagnostic of your project for its readiness, competitiveness and marketability.

The assessment is also an overview edit that will help authors pre-empt any flaws in the manuscript. No amount of promotion can override a book that is not well-edited. We offer this assessment because we know books and what makes them good. We know how to turn a marginal book into a good book because most problems fall into the same categories we have seen many times before. We have the advantage of being the experts with a great deal of experience.

For many, the assessment is the only editorial input needed.

If not, we offer editorial services.

In fact, we offer all the services any book requires for success.

We also offer distribution through traditional channels as well as through our own branded e-commerce platform.

For those of you who are ambitious about your books, ask yourselves:

Do you really want to be publishers? Or, do you want a team of experts who can guide you to the end goal of being published?

Writers write. Publishers Publish. Why do both?