Publish with MPM

Book Assessment
Step 1

This first step is to get to know you and your work. We only hope to receive a ready submission, but we are editors and publishers with an eye toward marketability. While we appreciate a clean manuscript, we are looking for style, organization, and compelling stories. Even a nonfiction book needs to keep the reader turning the page.

We have seen thousands of submissions, so it does not take long for us to diagnose any problems with your manuscript. We provide feedback on what you need to improve your work.

Author Seo
Step 2

We combine our book assessments with Author SEO. Part of our strategy is to find your audience as we are diagnosing your manuscript. SEO, Search Engine Optimization is very misunderstood. Few people can do this effectively, and authors underutilize this valuable tool. Proper keyword research provides you with words and phrases that map the behavior of your ideal audience. We find the most engaged customers who want what you have. We completely customize our work. We find the words and phrases that have the most “juice” and guide you on using them to drive readers to you.

Book Coaching - Developmental Editing
Step 3

After you have an assessment of your work, you will have the diagnosis and blueprint but might not know how to revise your work. Our expert book coaches create a customized workbook to help guide you through the editing process.

No matter if you are writing nonfiction, creative nonfiction-memoir, or a novel, we can assign you a suitable match. We are strengths-based , so our goal is to bring out your voice in a positive way. We want you to be successful and guide you to have a viable project rather than one that will remain unpublished.
Our book coaches become your teammates and mentors until your book is ready for the next steps.

Book Marketing Strategy
Step 4

We offer a comprehensive approach to book marketing and author branding through our company

We highly recommend building an author platform at the same time as the editorial work. Our goal is to have your audience ready for your book even before we publish it.

Book Design (Cover & Interior)
Step 5

We pride ourselves on our team of award-winning cover and book designers. Our designers get to know you and the work to create a customized look and feel that will match the vision and attract readers.

We consider every part of the process of book creation as important as the other. We are confident our designers can accomplish the job for you. These are not book templates or cover generators like many companies use. Each cover and design is expertly crafted for optimum appeal.

Printing & Distribution
Step 6

We successfully distribute many of our books direct to consumers using print on demand and E-book. We also have relationships with several excellent printers who can provide offset or digital printing at a competitive rate exclusively available to publishers.

We work with the printers directly to assure quality control and the best printing bid.

Our authors provide inventory to the warehouse for bookstore distribution. We offer a deep discount to our authors for the back of the room sales.

Publicity Launch
Step 7

We work with the best practices of CISION publicity database for a targeted media campaign. We also provide media training and video interviews for our customized websites and media kits.

The CISION database provides over 180,000 media outlets, including broadcast, print, blogs, and podcasts.