About the Author Jennifer Sand Bodurtha

JENNIFER SAND BODURTHA never planned on writing a children’s book. She was diagnosed with MS over 35 years ago, greatly limiting many of the things she enjoyed doing. Despite this, she is ever so optimistic and grateful, so she created Hildy and Harold adventures. 


As a young child, Jennifer would spend hours reading everything she could. Books were a window into a world of adventure and an escape from the all too often bullying at school. It started with her name “Sand,” but often led to other unkindnesses. 


As a young mother, when her son was three-years-old, he said something that sounded like Hiccup Henry. That planted a seed that ultimately sprouted and came to fruition.

With the help of illustrator and storyteller Shottsy, the characters of Hildy and Harold now have lives of their own.


Not only do they share ways to deal with bullies, but they also show that it is fine to be different. Uniqueness is a good thing. 


Jennifer adds: My first book Hildy and Harold Take on the Teasers, is from the heart. No child should suffer from bullying. But Hildy and her friend Harold learn that sometimes accepting people’s differences is the best way to learn compassion and that friendship builds from unexpected places. 

Hildy and Harold Ignite the Imagination

Available for Bulk Sales for your School, Church, Synagogue

About the Illustrator: Shottsy

SHANA “SHOTTSY” SCHOTTENSTEIN contributed her artistic creativity in character development and storyboarding to bring Hildy and Harold to life. Her ability to remember what it was like to read books for this age range was invaluable in telling this tale in a way that will resonate with children for many years to come. 


Shana (Shottsy) Schottenstein is a freelance storyboard artist, illustrator, and character designer with a background in 2-D animation. Her style ranges from cartoony to fantasy realism and is known for her expressive characters, vibrant colors, and distinct use of line.


Best known for her award-winning one-of-a-kind wire sculptures, she has traveled the country selling her creations and novel at large shows such as Dragoncon with her business Shottsy Arts LLC.


You can follow her adventures in her webcomic, “Amused”.  Inspired by her life, “Amused” centers around the struggles of an artist with ADHD and a muse with a life and mind of its own. Find it on her website here:https://www.shottsyarts.com


When she isn’t drawing, she is working on the next installment of her novel, The Color of Fire, and bringing magical creatures to life in many mediums. Shottsy is available for freelance and studio work. 

Hildy and Harold