Frequently Asked Questions

At Micro Publishing Media we offer access and opportunity for authors at any stage of their process. We do all the heavy lifting for you based on our 30 year’s experience in the industry and can help you develop a quality manuscript. See more about publishing with MPM.

No. We are a revolutionary alternative for those authors whose work is either too niche or too new to be picked up by a conglomerate publisher, authors who want input into the end result, and those who do not want some of the limitations inherent in the more traditional models of publishing.

We can publish you. For reals. We curate the list of books that will wear the MPM brand or that of one of our niche imprints. This means that your book or series of books will be held to the same standards as any in distribution today. We have over 30 years of experience selecting books with over 1,000 titles sold through our associated company “The Jeff Herman Agency, LLC.”

We have access to things that self-publishers don’t. We have inside info on how to bring your books to the attention of bookstores and can help you reach your reader through marketing and distribution. When was the last time you were able to get a personal rep from Amazon on the phone? We can!!

If after the assessment you and your editor feel there is work to be done you can take it to the next level. This is what you would get at any publishing house but with us, you are not sacrificing your royalties. Our rates are based upon the level of editing needed, page count and the particular editor assigned to the book.

We have professional designers who can prepare your book and your cover for you. We have options at all budget levels.

We put many of the books we publish into our bookstore distribution program. However, these books must meet a certain standard, so they have the greatest potential for success. We choose our bookstore list two times each year, just like any traditional publisher. Our July selections are for Spring the following year, and our January selections are for late summer through the fall holiday season. Authors who participate in our publishing program must provide the inventory for the distributor. However, we find the most competitive bids for printing. This option offers access and opportunity you could not get for yourself.

MPM is a publisher. We are not a stop off of last resort, nor are we a feeder system promising “discovery” like some other companies might hint. We offer everything you need to be successful. While there are no guarantees, we give you the tools to be competitive with any other published author.

Yes. But we do not have set packages like author services companies. Their business model is to make money by selling services to anyone who wants to pay them. Anything you pay for will directly benefit your book. Some possible costs:

This is not a reading fee. An assessment is a diagnostic of either your manuscript or your entire plan for your book. If you have already “self-published” or written a manuscript but do not know how to make it work, we can assess what the book might need and how to position it for your audience.

You can hire one of our marketing team members to do a high-level strategy for you on how to access your audience. This can include basic website development.

No. You are hiring experts to make sure your book is competitive in the marketplace. There is too much ease of access to publishing through easy uploads or author services companies who make promises but do not offer realistic curation. Our business model is based upon shared royalties with our authors. We make money if we sell books. These services are to benefit you and to give you the greatest chance of success. We have rarely met a book we couldn’t develop into something that can sell. If we can’t we will politely tell you so.

Absolutely. We distribute our books through various outlets and we also sell books on our website. We support all of our authors with our web promotion and sales.