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11 Things You Didn’t Know About Angela Cartwright and Bill Mumy
  1. Although they both appeared together at an Easter Seals charity event in 1962, Bill and Angela were not introduced until December of 1964 in Irwin Allen’s foyer waiting to meet the Producer and Director, the “Master of Disaster”, who created Lost in Space.  Bill clearly recalls Angela was reading the novel, “Black Beauty” at the time. Their relationship is 54 years old.
  2. Bill is 510 days younger than Angela.
  3. They both owned horses when they were young.
  4. They collectively have worked in the entertainment business for one hundred and twenty two years.
  5. They went to many concerts together such as: The Who, Simon & Garfunkel, Donovan, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Leon Russell, Carole King, John Sebastian and many others.
  6. Both Angela and Bill can be heard singing background vocals on John Stewart’s “Willard” album on the song “Marshall Wind”.
  7. Bill and Angela have entertained the US Military troops. They sang live to the accompaniment of Bill’s acoustic guitar.
  8. While on the 20th Century Fox lot while filming ‘Lost in Space’ they used to sneak beneath the sound stages and ran around the dark and scary huge air conditioning units that cooled the film stages.
  9. After Lost in Space ended production they dated each other for a few years and were engaged for a short time.
  10. In 1971 they ordered new Chevrolet Camaro’s together. The license plates were 156 CPT and 159 CPT.
  11. “On Purpose” is their first fictional novel collaboration, but their second book, following their memoir, “Lost (and found) In Space”.


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