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Joshua T. Adams



We call Joshua T. Adams our “fiction whisperer.” He has never met a book he could not realign for maximum readability and superior storytelling. He also works with non-fiction and supervises our first line assessments. Before we publish a book or recommend a full edit we suggest each potential author submit their manuscript, proposal or even partial manuscript for an assessment. This is essentially a diagnostic based upon a proprietary system we use to determine a book’s readiness, marketability and competitiveness in the general publishing marketplace. We hold our books to high standards based upon our years of experience¬† on all sides of the publishing industry.

For fiction we look for the following:


Character Development

Story Continuity

Scene Setting


We also look for that special something that brings your book to life. From our point of view, we see the same editorial challenges in the manuscripts we review. If an author is willing to work with our suggestions we have rarely, if ever, found a book that could not be brought to a publishable standard. Joshua Adams has a degree in creative writing from a juried program at the Ohio State University. He is also a teacher for children seeking to advance their skills above grade level. When he works with our clients they find they are also receiving an education invaluable to their future writing goals.

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