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Micro Publishing Media, INC began its publishing journey with a vision for Soul Odyssey Books. As a literary agent our CEO specialized in spiritual material as found in her book:

“Spiritual Writing from Inspiration to Publication” which is being updated to reflect the Digital Age. At the turn of the Millennium agents and publishers didn’t know what to do with these kinds of manuscripts. The original title for the Spiritual Writing book was playfully referred to as “God told me to write it.” Decidedly, that was not how to approach mainstream publishers. However, we believe that spiritual writers are called and often driven. We can help you develop your project or will always look at completed work.

This imprint does not follow any particular religious system but rather a generalized sense of mysticism and the Divine. You may see books that would in the past be categorized as “New Age,” but we believe that these concepts are hardly new. We have imprints for Judaica and Christian Titles so if your work is in line with those subject areas please submit to Bashert Books and Living Spirit Books. Otherwise for General Spirituality and things that may tread into the more “fringe” areas of alternative healing and consciousness expansion, please contact us with your queries. This imprint is a personal passion of ours so we are open to your work.

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