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We created Pop Pop Press for all the Grandpas, Zeydes, Opas, Pappous, Papas, Pawpaws, Bonpas, Abuelos, Babus, Dedushkas, Nonnos or any other word for Grandfather in any culture you can think of. Our particular Pop Pop, William Stevenson, wrote a wonderful series of children’s books called the Ricky series inspired by his grandson aptly named, Ricky. They cover everything from history, ancient history, sea and space from the perspective of dream trips. We decided when we published these books that there might be other pop pops who are motivated to leave a legacy to their own “Rickys.” We are open to submissions from other Grandpa’s and would love to start a pop pop revolution. Stand up and be counted, “pop pops.” Show us what you got.

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