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The simplest meaning of the word Bashert in yiddish is “destiny.” It is most often used to describe a soul mate or the person who is meant to be your mate. Many people also use the term to mean “meant to be.” We chose Bashert as the name of this book imprint because we believe the books we will be publishing will have that predestined quality to them that will reflect the vision we have. Even though many of these books do not yet exist we know they are coming our way. We see them, we know them. We are simply waiting so we can provide you with the best in Judaica for modern times.

We believe in Jewish Renewal in the sense of embracing the joy and wonder of rediscovery. No matter your level of observance we are planning titles to appeal to the yiddishkeit in all of us. Many publishing houses have been dedicated to Holocaust studies and history. You will find many books on politics and the issues of the middle east. They are wonderful books but that is not our goal. We want to preserve and ignite the Spirit of being Jewish. We want to capture the heart of our culture, illuminate the meaning of our religion and cause you to want to freilach (dance with joy.)

We as a people have had enough “tsuris” to last 5 more millennia. While we shall never forget we hope to remind our readers what it means to be Jewish and the pride that can bring. To be a light to nations we must keep our own candles lit. To continue as Jews we need to expand our light into flames to pass the torch to future generations.

We are open for submissions. Please contact us for details.

Bashert Books is a division of Micro Publishing Media, INC.

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