Deborah Herman, CEO has been a publishing industry insider for most of her adult life. Her journey began mid first year Law School at Ohio State University when she discovered Comedy Clubs. Her brother was a performer and MC and she became his official laugher. He’s really funny! One thing led to another and the owner of the club politely asked her to stop taking up space and put her to work writing articles for an arts magazine. These were reviews and interviews with the Comics. Then the thought occurred to her that writing is fun and people can even be paid for it. Little did she know what it would take to become a working writer, but the pilot light was lit and there was no turning back.

Herman convinced both the Law School and the Journalism Graduate School to allow her to create a dual-degree. The goal was to write true-crime and Creative non-fiction. Eleven non-fiction books later and twenty years as a literary agent she finally reached her goal with her current bestselling book: Member of the Family: My Story of Charles Manson, Life inside His Cult and the Darkness that Ended the Sixties” (William Morrow, an Imprint of Harper Collins, October 24, 2017) co-authored with Dianne Lake aka Snake, the youngest member of the Manson Family. Dianne’s compelling story was exactly what Herman had been seeking.

Herman created Micro Publishing Media (MPM) to fill a gap between the major conglomerates and self-publishing. Consolidation has limited many of the opportunities for new or niche authors. Ease of access to self-publishing has caused an influx of projects that are not competitive in quality or marketing access. As a literary agent, Herman curated projects for The Jeff Herman Agency, a boutique agency responsible for over 1,000 traditionally published titles. As a publisher, Herman curates projects for her Micro Publishing Media family and provides access to everything an author needs to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

The imprints/divisions of Micro Publishing Media reflect Herman’s interests and specialties. MPM seeks the unusual and exceptional. We partner with our authors to create long term relationships.

Herman’s book Member of the Family: My Story of Charles Manson, Life Inside his Cult, and the Darkness that Ended the Sixties has received many accolades and over 240 five star reviews on popular online retailers. Herman knows what makes a good book and either edits or supervises high quality editors to assure MPM books have the competitive advantage.

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