Butch Patrick was discovered at the age of 7 when he went with his sister to a photo shoot. It was his headshot that wound up in a Hollywood Blvd. window. He had the look and the personality to land him an award- winning cornflakes commercial and a part in a movie called the Two Bears in 1961. He had a role in General Hospital and became a regular in face on the most popular classic television programs of the day. He was in over 20 commercials and a dozen movies when he was called to CBS studios to do a screen test for a part that was to change his life forever. In 1964, Butch Patrick, formerly known as Patrick Lilley acquired the alter ego of Edward Wolfgang Munster. Thus, began his iconic role as the youngest member of the Munster Family forever alive at 1313 Mockingbird Lane and in syndication 50 plus years later throughout the world.

Butch continued to work after the series ended and became a musician and teen heartthrob. He struggled with addiction and is a cancer survivor. Today he shares memories of the Munsters with fans throughout the country, displays his car the dragula and now many years sober and happily married, helps those still struggling with substance abuse.

His book Munster Memories: a Mini Coffin Table Book (TV Classics Press, a division of Micro Publishing Media, INC) was published in time for the 50th anniversary of the show. It continues to delight fans with original photographs, memories from behind the scenes, interviews with cast members who are no longer with us, and photographs of the many collectible items from the Munster merchandise craze.

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