SAT 2-second Shortcuts: the Insider’s Guide to Outsmart the New SAT


This revolutionary SAT prep book takes the guessing out of test taking. It levels the playing field especially for those for whom English is a second language. It helps raise scores by 200 points.

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In SAT 2-Second Shortcuts, Dr. Jay presents the first pattern-recognition strategy that gives students the power to identify the best answers to an SAT question in two seconds. Each pattern immediately focuses student attention on the most likely answers to a Reading, Writing, or Math question. No strategy works faster to shortcut the process of finding the correct answer. All students have to do to find more answers in less time, and increase their SAT score, is follow Dr. Jay’s Golden Rule: Always take two seconds to look for a pattern in the choices that will give you a shortcut to the answer. With Dr. Jay’s method it is now possible for students to quickly add 200 points to their SAT score—without studying! Only minutes of scanning practice is required to master a shortcut and start using it to get instant  results on the New SAT.

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