A world of books. Better yet, a dreamworld of books that are hard to find anywhere else. Where do we find such a place? In Bookstopia. MPM has its publishing imprints, but what people may not know is we come to our love of books honestly. We are book fanatics, bibliophiles to the point of insanity. We love the unusual, the insightful, the life-changing books that we treasure. But alas, we have accumulated too many to keep to ourselves. It is our duty to the world of imaginative readers whose heart beats faster at the site of wooden shelves lined with books. We have created a virtual world where you can imagine whatever you like. Picture us as the dusty off-the-beaten-track house of books where you can come inside, grab a cup of tea and relax by a roaring fire. We know you can find some of our books at lower prices but we are an indie company. You never know what we will list. We likely have only one copy in our collection. So, if you see it grab it. Your impulsive purchase supports small business and the indie consciousness. From our bookstopia to yours, happy reading.

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