Roger Nygard

Filmmaker, Author, Comedy Expert


    Roger Nygard grew up outside Minneapolis on the shores of Lake Minnetonka. At age seven, he discovered his father’s 8mm camera has been making films ever since. Nygard
    is probably most well known for Trekkies, a documentary described as “affectionate and nonjudgmental”; (Hollywood Reporter & Daily Variety) or “terrifying and unsettling”
    (National Post), depending on who you ask. It was followed by Trekkies 2, a sequel released by Paramount, which asks the question, “How much is too much?” Nygard’s first feature was a comedy called High Strung, starring Steve Oedekerk, Denise Crosby, a very young Kirsten Dunst, and an unbilled Jim Carrey. That was followed by an action picture called Back to Back/American Yakuza 2, which may be best known for having blown Bobcat Goldthwait to bits.

    Nygard also produced a compelling and offbeat look at UFO enthusiasts called Six Days In Roswell, which probed experts like author Whitley Strieber and nuclear physicist and ufologist Stanton T. Friedman. The car salesman subculture fascinated Nygard, and he co-wrote and directed the outrageous cult favorite Suckers. The movie features Louis Mandylor, Lori Loughlin, and Daniel Benzali as one scary sales manager. The Minneapolis Star Tribune said, “…Roger Nygard’s exhilaratingly cynical car salesman film ‘Suckers’ has the macho punch of a David Mamet drama.”

    Nygard has also directed TV series such as The Office and The Bernie Mac Show. His work as an editor includes Emmy-nominated episodes of Who Is America?, Veep, and
    Curb Your Enthusiasm. Recently he co-produced and edited the documentary series The Comedy Store, followed by The White House Plumbers.

    Shifting gears back into documentaries, Nygard took on all the mysteries of the universe in The Nature of Existence. Afterward, he looked for a new topic that was even more inexplicable than existence itself and settled on The Truth About Marriage. Nygard also wrote the companion book The Truth About Marriage, proudly published by Micro Publishing Media, which gets to the bottom of why relationships are so darn hard for everybody–with assistance from relationship experts such as Pat Allen, William Doherty, and John & Julie Gottman.

    Nygard’s most recent book is Cut to the Monkey, about making and editing hit comedy series, which also features wisdom (quips?) from comedy luminaries like Sacha Baron Cohen, Julia Louis-
    Dreyfus, and Larry David.


    The Truth About Marriage: All the Relationship Secrets Nobody Tells You Paperback – February 14, 2020
    The Truth About Marriage: All the Relationship Secrets Nobody Tells You Paperback – February 14, 2020

Roger Nygard