Dr. Deb Rotenstein

Pediatric Endocrinologist and Beloved Children's Author


    Deborah Rotenstein, M.D. is a pediatric endocrinologist residing in Pittsburgh. She also writes children’s books on endocrine conditions from a child’s perspective. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Rotenstein is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. She attended the University of Rochester with a double major in biology and psychology. Dr. Rotenstein is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. She completed her pediatric residency at Emory University with a pediatric endocrinology fellowship at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. She had additional pediatric training at West Middlesex Hospital, London, which is part of the Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre. This experience fostered a lifelong interest in international travel and international medicine. One of her international patients was from Reggello, Italy, a town on the outskirts of Florence. The entire town came out to meet her and
    ask questions about their endocrine issues and about the Pittsburgh Steelers!

    Early in her career she came to the classroom of one of her diabetes patients as the subject of a “show and tell project.” Afterward, the patient was never teased about her diabetes again.  Dr. Rotenstein has published academic papers in many areas and presented widely in the United States and Europe, especially on the use of growth hormone in treating children with spinal bifida. She has been a featured speaker at international medical meetings including a summit on spina bifida in Bamberg, Germany.

    Her current book, Someday When I Am Bigger, portrays the physical and emotional experiences of a short child who dreams of being taller. Friendly illustrations and a light tone make this a
    reassuring read for both children and their parents. Dr. Rotenstein believes that in addition to parents, one must find a way to speak to children in words or illustrations regarding their medical
    diagnosis and treatment. Identifying their feelings can help children explore and explain their own experiences and open a dialogue with their parents, siblings, teachers, and friends.
    The word doctor means teacher, not healer, so one must teach patients how to understand and care for their condition. Dr. Rotenstein has also written a parent workbook to accompany
    Someday, When I Am Bigger to help facilitate communication between children and parents. The workbook has activities and conversation starters to help children and siblings cope when there is a child with growth issues. It is also helpful when there is any chronic illness.

    Dr. Rotenstein played basketball in high school before the game had three-pointers! She is an avid reader of fiction and enjoys playing the guitar and the piano. You may be surprised to learn
    that she treated an infant orangutan with rickets at the Pittsburgh Zoo.  She also cooked on television with a local chef in Pittsburgh. Dr. Rotenstein enjoys photography, an interest she
    shares with her husband. Together they have two children and several grandchildren. Dr. Rotenstein describes her patients as her “best teachers” and, most of all, “her heroes.”

    Five Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Me:
    1. Fun fact. I treated an infant orangutan with rickets at the Pittsburgh Zoo!
    2. Fun fact.   I enjoy collecting and growing orchids.
    3. Fun fact.   I did a cooking demonstration at a Pittsburgh TV station
    4. Fun fact.   I play guitar and write music.
    5. Fun fact.   I enjoy painting with oils and acrylics and have run out of wall space!

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    Someday When I’m Bigger and parent workbook bundle
    Someday When I’m Bigger and parent workbook bundle

Dr. Deb Rotenstein