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Micro Publishing Media is an innovative indie publishing house created by Industry Insider and bestselling author Deborah Herman to fill the gap between self-publishing and the out of reach conglomerates.


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My first years in the publishing industry was as a struggling writer. My now-husband, and then, literary Agent Jeff Herman, threw me in the deep end of book development by having me doctor book proposals. I learned to think like an agent and editor, which changed how I looked at my writing. Thirteen books and a bestseller under my belt, I know firsthand the struggles writers face.

The Agency has sold over 1,000 nonfiction titles to large and small traditional publishers over the years. But both Jeff and I noticed significant changes happening over the past decade. I studied digital marketing to figure out why things were shifting, not knowing that the internet would be so influential in today’s world.

Writers will always write, and readers will continue to read. However, the internet created an ease of access that has diluted the quality of books and made it all but impossible to find what you want to read. We created Micro Publishing Media to solve writer and reader disconnect while raising the quality of available books.

We know how to help you write, produce and sell the kinds of books readers want.  We can also help you navigate the conglomerate publishing world if that is what you seek.

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The truth about the marriage

The Wonder Of Words

The Disappearence of Flight MH370

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We are a Hybrid Indie Publisher Offering Real Bookstore Distribution

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Readers want them. We have spent thirty years presenting marketable books to publishers and have successfully placed over 1,000 of them. We know what sells.

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