Publishing with MPM

The first question you should ask yourself is “do I want to be a writer or do I want to be a publisher?”

The ease of access into what appears to be publishing has created a great deal of confusion for writers whose goals include seeing themselves in print. Anyone at any time can write a manuscript, upload it to the myriad self-publishing platforms and consider themselves published. There are writers who might even experience a modicum of success by approaching publishing this way. But what defines success? 

The benefits of publishing with MPM

You are selected by our experienced team of experts. This gives you immediate status compared to self-published authors.  

You have a collaborative partnership with people who have successful careers curating books that sell.

You have access to a team of expert editors who can bring your book to the highest levels of competitive quality.

Professional design and a team of experts to support the best choices for your book. 

You have marketing support.

Access to priority publicity packages based upon years of experience working with various PR organizations.

Access to real bookstore distribution or the choice of direct to consumer sales.

Higher royalty and higher royalty potential from online retailers than self-publishers can attain for themselves. 

Personal attention through a family owned and operated business.

We know publishing. We can save you years of learning curve so you can do what you do best: Write and promote your own books.