Editorial Services

So, you want a best-selling book!?

Or a book someone will read?

Many authors have the misconception that they will find an agent who will sell their book and then they will have an editor who will polish it and the publisher will use this amazing book to build the author’s platform. This is completely backwards. There are fewer opportunities for very promising writers. Parents will provide every opportunity for their children to succeed but expect their literary creations to fend for themselves without proper tools. The truth of today’s publishing world is you should seek professional assistance and all the tools you can before you submit to a literary agency or publisher. 


Editorial Services Clarification

The MPM editorial team are all from the publishing industry. We have experience curating titles to see what will sell and the editorial quality that must be met for a book to succeed. We have also been screening thousands of submissions over twenty years and have learned the common errors most authors make that prevent them from being published.

Whether or not you want to publish with MPM as your micro publishing partner, you need experienced help if you want to navigate the publishing industry. We can offer you expertise at whatever level you need for whatever your goal.

Book Proposal Consultation

If you want to approach the traditional publishing avenues you need the basics:

For non-fiction:

  1. A sound book idea
  2. A Top Notch book proposal
  3. A professional query letter that will get you through the door to an agent or publisher

We wrote the book on non-fiction book proposals and our editorial team are trained in our successful techniques. Our consultants can evaluate an existing proposal or can work with you to develop a proposal for your book submission package. Fees vary on the complexity of the project. 



For Fiction you can still write a proposal and a synopsis to increase chances for consideration. We have consultants specializing in fiction and software to assist in structuring your proposal. 

Manuscript Consultation

Unlike in the halcyon days of publishing when opportunities and advances seemed abundant, there is more competition and less opportunity. You can freely upload your book to a myriad of self-publishing platforms if you want to feel that you are taking your career into your own hands. However, this is not real publishing. If you have not had professional eyes on your work from people who know the industry from all aspects you are wasting your energy and sentencing your efforts to publishing limbo. You may see marginal success but at what cost of your future? 

Whether or not you seek a traditional publisher, those elusive companies that are becoming fewer and fewer as they watch the landscape of book retailers changing by the minute, you need to have a polished, professional manuscript. Unless you have a book ripped from the news, tied to a celebrity or a politician, there is little chance that you will be considered front-list garnering the legendary huge advances. They do happen and they do sustain the publishing industry and the existence of literary agents. 

If you are serious about your book and want to give it the best chance possible to be accepted into the small club of the traditionally published have it professionally edited. Our editors are highly qualified and will give you the developmental feedback you need so if you do land an agent you will be providing something that is worthy of this elite accomplishment. 

We offer two levels of consultation: 

An overall evaluation for the flat fee of $500

For the comprehensiveness of this feedback this is a superb bargain. One of our editors will read over your book, not necessarily line by line, but enough to give you a sense of strengths and weaknesses. There are common errors we find in most manuscripts that spell “amateur.” This evaluation provides a memo with next steps and includes at least two follow up phone sessions. 

Then we have a more comprehensive developmental edit that depends upon the complexity and length of the book, and the needs and concerns of the client. 

What is different about an MPM Editorial Consultation?

When one of our editors evaluates a manuscript or does a developmental edit we are looking at more than grammar and polish. A developmental edit looks at pacing, structure, and everything you would expect. What differs is we have experience in what sells and what is successful. Our approach considers the end goal of your book. Is it clear who the audience is for the book. Is the message accessible. For fiction, is the book a compelling read? How does it compare to what is in the marketplace? Where does it fit in? We have a global approach to your book and utilize our years of experience to determine how it can best compete in the marketplace.