Book Marketing

What good is a great book if no one knows it exists. There are over 1.8 million print books available on Amazon alone and like it or not most people purchase books online. The word “platform” has breathed panic into the hearts of authors since before the turn of the millennium but the internet has in many ways leveled the playing field. You can spend time doing what you think you should be doing posting everywhere willy nilly. This will get you nowhere. It is like going to a party with strangers and announcing hi I am so and so author. Buy my book! 

Don’t be embarrassed if this is what you thought social media was all about. It has taken a long time for all businesses, marketers and especially publishers to embrace what digital marketing strategy is all about. In the beginning of media advertising and promotion their was reliance on what is called “push.” This is in your face influence most commonly used in political campaigns to gain name recognition. Before there was any kind of media or advertising neighbors relied upon each other to find out if Joe the farmer sold quality seed or livestock. Then people started to find out that they needed deodorant and other products because radio and newspaper advertisers told them so.

After that television showed Lucy and Ricky smoking their favorite brand and soap operas literally were sponsored by the soap and detergent companies. The advent of cable television was the first time people could have more choices than simply being a captive audience. The internet completely blew the traditional marketing and advertising approach like you would see in the show “Mad Men,” out of the water because now their were even more avenues for entertainment and the gaining of information about products. 


What really changed everything? Two major changes shifted the transmission of content. And books are content. Social Media and E-book publishing. We know that E-books and E-commerce platforms like Amazon shook everyone to the bone. But social media really gave people the power. We can argue that this has become ridiculous as online trolls become as bad as the high school cafeterias with people afraid to speak their minds for fear of being relegated to sitting at the outcast table, but there is still power in the concept. 

Social media has returned our world to where we began. We ask each other if Joe the farmer sells quality seed and livestock. We are more likely to trust our peers than those advertisers who “push” things in our face. You still see ads galore. However, if you learn a good social media and digital strategy you can build a personal brand that will help you sell books. 

And we know how to help you. Our CEO alone has three MBA certifications from Rutgers mini MBA Program in the area of Digital Marketing Strategy and Social Media. 

This is an ever changing landscape but the Marketing Mindset never changes. We offer low cost consultation packages to set you on the right track to utilizing the internet to your advantage. 

We offer the following: 

A one day hands on workshop in the Berkshires complete with education, social media platform set up and training. Some people do best with hands on face to face training. This package includes a full day or half day one on one. This can be combined with editorial consultation such as book proposal planning and marketing integration into the book proposal for those interested in pursuing Traditional publishing submissions to Agents or Editors. 

Social Media Platform evaluation and set up. 

Not everyone needs every platform. We evaluate your project, explain what we think is the best way to reach your demographic and then set you up on that platforms.We also give you a tutorial on posting and where to find relevant content to keep your posts exciting and engaging. 

Social Media Platform set up with small website/landing page

Everyone needs their own real estate on the internet. We can build you a small site in this package and connect all your social media in one place. This will include a blog. You can also request additional training on how to blog for greatest efficiency. 

Social Media Maintenance.

For a small monthly fee for the term of your choice we evaluate how you are doing with your social media. The key is to do it yourself in a strategic and automated way because it is all about building credibility and relationships. We show you how to do it efficiently so you don’t fall into the world of time suck, however, your posts must reflect your personality and online brand. You can certainly engage social media assistance as long as you have established your style so your audience knows what to expect from you. We will be offering a pool of approved virtual assistants for those who are interested. We can monitor their work. 

Contact for a phone consultation to determine what is the best package for you.