Micro Publishing Media, Inc was created by a team of successful publishing veterans to provide what you can’t do for yourself. We have over twenty years experience in all aspects of publishing. Our CEO, Deborah Herman began her career as a writer who was then thrown into the business side of publishing as a book proposal doctor, project screener and project developer for the Jeff Herman Agency, LLC. The Agency is a top boutique agency specializing in non-fiction titles. The Jeff Herman Agency is responsible for over 1,000 titles sold to traditional, independent and conglomerate publishers. Jeff Herman is the author of the Industry bible and must-have annual book Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors and Literary Agents: Who they are, What they want, and How to Win them Over. 

Jeff and Deborah Herman as a couple have been educating writers about the industry since 1990 when this book was first introduced to world. In addition to this book, Jeff and Deborah Herman have collaborated on Write the Perfect Book Proposal: Ten Proposals that Worked and Why now it its third edition. This book is also considered an industry must-have and has launched the careers of innumerable non-fiction authors since its first edition in 1993. The book simplifies the process of how to persuade an agent or editor that your book should exist and shows how book proposals can also serve as blueprints for writing books and the promotion that takes place after the book is complete. 


Deborah Herman has an essay in every version of the Jeff Herman’s Guide relating to Spiritual Writing. It is never changed and although it appears to some to be out of place it has attracted the attention of people who resonate with the challenges of “the spiritual messenger.” Deborah Herman used that essay as the basis for her book: Spiritual Writing From Inspiration to Publication, which is currently being revised to reflect the digital age. 

Deborah Herman is the author of 12 traditionally published books, has a Juris Doctorate in a dual degree Masters Degree in Journalism. As the Herman’s watched significant changes in publishing Deborah Herman studied at the Rutgers University Mini MBA program and received certification in Digital Marketing Strategy and Social Media Strategy which is used extensively in the book marketing associated with Micro Publishing Media, INC. Deborah’s greatest discovery was how behind the curve the publishing industry was in acknowledging how many people purchase books online through a process of information gathering and then conversion into sales. This is why MPM was created. As literary agents the Herman’s discovered that conglomeration and ease of access into publishing changed the landscape of the industry. Many worthy books are no longer being sold or they are not being given advance payments and yet they are still subject to low royalties. Although there is still a very thriving traditional publishing industry MPM gives access and opportunity to authors who may not have the A list platform and to books that appeal to niche audiences. 

We have our favorite types of books but we are open to different genres. Please contact us for more information or for a consultation at 413-298-0077